My Street Art Cobblestone


« My Street Art Cobblestone », by Mon Pavé Parisien

Serie n°4 “Paris”. The serie is numbered. You will receive your pavé with its unique number.

The city of Paris gets its name from the Gallic people named Parisii, who settled there in the 3rd century BC.

Our Paris cobblestone does exist in blue and in red ; these are the two colors of Paris.”Paris” is hand-painted on each pavement, in our workshops in the 11th district of Paris.

A real Made in France souvenir from Paris.

Cobblestone guaranteed to have spent all it life of pavement in the streets of Paris.

This hard work creates cobblestones that are all different, all unique. We buy our cobblestones directly from the services of the Paris City Hall.

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Free shipping to France.

Delivering worldwide: 15 euros for Europe, 32 euros (37,21$) for the USA and Canada, 40 euros for the international.

For France excluding metropolitan France: Overseas Postal Zone 1: 21.50 euros, Overseas Postal Zone 2: 41.50 euros.

The delivery price will be automatically calculated when you have informed the country of destination.

As we are a small team working hand-craft, do not hesitate to ask us for modifications: if you want the biggest cobblestone possible (2.7 kg is our current record) or a smaller one (1.3 kg for the smallest, a raw one, a cobblestone with a special inscription … Do not hesitate to contact us by mail, we will do our best.


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