Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo holds one of our “Mon Pavé Parisien” Parisian Cobblestones (Photo: Henri Garat)

Summer 2016: Margaux drives her red Vespa, wearing a light dress on the Champs-Elysées. A car cuts off the road. Margaux stops and falls on a unsealed cobblestone.

She would like to bring it home. To exhibit it between antic books and a ceramic unicorn. Still, taking this unsealedcobblestone home would have endangered cyclists or Vespa drivers.

Margaux continues her way and, later, shesearches on the Internet  how to get her own Pavé Parisien. In vain.

Thus was born “Mon Pavé Parisien” : Margaux buys it to the Paris City Hall, she washes it, she reworks it, she paints it, packs it, labels it.

From there on, everyone has a chance to own their piece of Parisian granit-made patrimony.

This piece of Paris suits perfectly with your interior!
Real Parisian cobblestones in their real environment: a street of Paris.